Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   06-05-2023 22:46  
By   DJH  
(Per: BCBC). The Burlington County Bridge Commission is passing along the following telephone numbers for each tower governed by the Commission. Below are both a direct number and cell phone number for the following bridges:

Tacony Palmyra Operators Tower
Direct Line: 856-735-1211
Cell phone: 609-922-2843

Burlington Bristol Operators Tower
Direct Line: 856-735-1212
Cell phone: 609-922-2804

Riverside/Delanco Operator Trailer
Direct Line: 856-735-1213
Cell phone: 609-922-2888

Police Supervisor BCBC
Direct Line: 856-735-1230
Cell phone: 609-922-2921
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