Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   10-17-2022 18:21  
By   DJH  
(Per US Army Corps): USACE Surveys performed a survey of the Delaware River, Landreth Range on 17Oct22 and identified two potential obstructions to navigation. The first is potentially two objects 20’ from one another, 43’ from the Green Toe and are at 35.1’ MLLW and 35’ MLLW. It is possible the two are connected. The second is 75’ from the Green Toe and is at 38.3’ MLLW. The authorized channel depth in the area is 40’ MLLW. Please see the attached chartlets for reference.

The details of the objects are as follows:

Landreth 1_17Oct22_35.1

Lat: 40 6.2726 N

Lon: 74 50.20712 W

Depth: 35.1’ MLLW

Approximate Dimensions: 6’x5’x4’

Secondary smaller object at 35’ MLLW 20’ downriver

Landreth 2_17Oct22_38.3

Lat: 40 6.28483 N

Lon: 74 50.19097 W

Depth: 38.3’ MLLW

Approximate Dimensions: 6’x5’x4’