Posted   12-15-2018 19:04  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
C&D Canal: POSSIBLE OBSTRUCTION- USACE Surveys identified a possible object approximately 1900` west of the Reedy Point Bridge. The approximate dimensions are 30`x20`x6`.

The minimum sounding is 33.4`MLLW.

Due to the minimum sounding over the object/shoal, vessel transits through the C&D Canal in excess of 30` draft should be scheduled to transit the Reedy Point area at high water.

USACE is tentatively scheduled to conduct diving operations on the obstruction on Monday December 17th at approximately 1300. Further details on the dive operation will be forthcoming.

See attached chart for more info.
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Posted   12-10-2018 14:25  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Deepening work (Per GLDD): Please see the attached work plan for the Dredge 54 and Dredge New York working 12/10/2018 to 12/11/2018 in the Delaware River.

Dredge 54 is currently on the green side of Marcus Hook Range on the Delaware River.

Dredge NY is currently on the green side of the Chester range and will be moving to dig the green side of the Bellevue Range on the Delaware river.

The tug Larry J. Hebert is tending the Dredge 54, working on radio channel 05. The tug Indian Dawn is tending the Dredge New York on Channel 88A.
Operations also monitoring radio channels 13 and 16. Should any changes occur revision of notice will be distributed.
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Posted   12-04-2018 01:07  
Delaware City (Bulkhead Shoal) Channel maintenance dredging(per Norfolk Dredging):
The Dredge Essex should arrive at Delaware City Channel on or about Thursday, DEC 6th and begin pipeline laying operations thereafter. We will be dredging in their entrance channel from Stations 67+00 to 95+00 (which is just south of the entrance to Delaware City Marina) and also at Pier 3, which is the northernmost pier at the refinery. As usual, we will be standing by on VHF 13 and 16. feel free to call if you have any questions.

Posted   12-03-2018 21:04  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Due to soundings for the Upper Delaware that were recently published by the the USACE, the MAC Transit Advisories will be amended to read as follows until further notice:

Upper Delaware River/Vessel Draft Inbound
1. Vessels less than 32`06" FW may transit on any stage of the tide or current.
3. Vessels 32`06" FW or greater up to 38`06" FW in draft should arrive in Philadelphia Harbor no later than 8 hours and 15 minutes, or earlier than 5 hours and 45 minutes from slack flood current at Cape Henlopen.
4. Vessels 32`06" FW or greater up to 38`06" FW in draft shall avoid meeting outbound shipping traffic above the Delair Railroad Bridge.

Posted   09-12-2018 15:05  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Skipjack Wind Farm Mariner Update Sept 11, 2018(Per Deepwater Wind): Info on surveying and other operations in Skipjack WEA.
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Posted   12-20-2017 14:05  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Obstruction near Reedy Point UPDATED POSITION (per USACE):
The obstruction reported yesterday off the entrance to the C&D Canal had incorrect latitude/longitude information provided with it. Please take note of the corrected information below and the updated chart. (Attached PDF)

Object 19 Dec 2017
Latitude: 39 33.84125 N
Longitude: 075 32.975193 W
Minimum Depth: 34 ‘ MLLW
Approximate Dimensions: 7’ x 10’
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Posted   09-28-2016 16:04  
By   JCK  
Delaware River - Commodore Barry Bridge

To facilitate painting, work will continue until 2019. Work platforms will be installed 3 feet beneath the bridge in various locations reducing the vertical clearance to 178 ft. above mean high water at the edge of the navigable channel (187 ft. center of channel). Phase 1 – NJ approach girder and deck truss spans due completion in September 2016. Phase 2 – PA approach girder and deck truss spans, scheduled to commence fall of 2016. Phase 3 – Cantilever truss span, scheduled to commence in 2017 and conclude in 2019. Mariners should exercise caution.