Posted   10-09-2018 20:48  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Obstruction Mantua Creek Anchorage: (per USACE): An obstruction that appears to be a pipe protruding from the seafloor(approx. 55` MLLW) and ending at a depth of 29.9` MLLW has been found in Mantua Creek Anchorage. USCG has placed a temporary red buoy "WR 62", showing a quick flashing red light approximately ten yards toward the channel from the obstruction and also marked it with a synthetic ATON. This obstruction is the more downriver of the two obstructions shown on the attached chart, and is marked as "possible object" on chart. The upriver contact, marked "possible anchor" is still being evaluated.
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Posted   10-07-2018 21:27  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
PORTS Current Meter Installed (per NOAA): The Delaware Bay Entrance Channel (Lighted Buoy LB10) iATON Current Meter is now operational.

Data is available at the Delaware River and Bay PORTS page. The station page is:

This current meter replaces the Brown Shoal Light Current Meter (removed from the PORTS pages).

Posted   10-07-2018 01:23  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Marcus Hook Range deepening work (per GLDD): The dredge GL54 is conducting rock removal on the lower end of Marcus Hook Range GREEN side. The 54 is a spud unit and can move out of the channel if necessary with at least 30 minutes notice on VHF13. Tugs Diamond Coast and/or Atlantic Coast will be tending the dredge.
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Posted   09-12-2018 15:05  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Skipjack Wind Farm Mariner Update Sept 11, 2018(Per Deepwater Wind): Info on surveying and other operations in Skipjack WEA.
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Posted   09-11-2018 16:29  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
DE Bay and River Mariner Weather Decision Support Page: As the port community plans and prepares for potential impacts from approaching tropical systems, the MAC would like to share the URL for a recently constructed website built for the Delaware River region to support decision-making around severe WX events by NOAA`s National Weather Service Mount Holly office.

Use this address in your browser:

The site is customized to our Bay and River info needs with hourly predictions available for the offshore space, Pilot Area, various upriver anchorages, and a wealth of other tools.

Posted   08-27-2018 18:04  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
C&D Canal, St. George’s Bridge AIR GAP REDUCTION(per USACE): The US Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District will begin work on the
St Georges Bridge (St Georges, DE) over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
starting on September 4, 2018. This will include an air draft restriction
from the South Pier to half way along the main span. The air draft will be
restricted over the Southern half of the bridge by four (4) feet. The
Northern half of the bridge, including the North half of the main span, will
remain unrestricted. Our Marine Traffic Controllers will help direct traffic
under the Northern half of the bridge to avoid any concerns.

Posted   12-20-2017 14:05  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Obstruction near Reedy Point UPDATED POSITION (per USACE):
The obstruction reported yesterday off the entrance to the C&D Canal had incorrect latitude/longitude information provided with it. Please take note of the corrected information below and the updated chart. (Attached PDF)

Object 19 Dec 2017
Latitude: 39 33.84125 N
Longitude: 075 32.975193 W
Minimum Depth: 34 ‘ MLLW
Approximate Dimensions: 7’ x 10’
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Posted   09-28-2016 16:04  
By   JCK  
Delaware River - Commodore Barry Bridge

To facilitate painting, work will continue until 2019. Work platforms will be installed 3 feet beneath the bridge in various locations reducing the vertical clearance to 178 ft. above mean high water at the edge of the navigable channel (187 ft. center of channel). Phase 1 – NJ approach girder and deck truss spans due completion in September 2016. Phase 2 – PA approach girder and deck truss spans, scheduled to commence fall of 2016. Phase 3 – Cantilever truss span, scheduled to commence in 2017 and conclude in 2019. Mariners should exercise caution.