Posted   08-03-2020 16:15  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Obstruction removal work (per Corman):
8/3 The KOKO VI with Divers will be working the upper end of Marcus Hook Range near the Chester high wires. The Rig will be on the north side of the Targets. Due to the presence of divers in the water and because many of the obstruction targets are near channel centerline, two hour notice for passage is requested.

See attached graphic for details.

Telephone numbers for backup:
Tug Georgetown Capt. Ken Howerton 757-449-6643/Capt. Andy Dunleavy 757-708-0835
Dredge KOKO VI Harry Tolson 301-343-6081
View Attachment (.DOCX)

Posted   08-02-2020 17:22  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Deepwater Point Range maintenance dredging (per NDC):
The Dredge Essex continues digging inbound on the GREEN side of the channel in Deepwater Range between Stations 193+000 to 191+600 within AS2.

Please see the attached plots for the estimated dredge and equipment locations.

The Essex is standing by on VHF channels 13 and 16.
Use 757-353-0455 for a backup contact.
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Posted   07-29-2020 13:21  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Delaware City channel depth (per PBF): New channel depth for Delaware City is now 30’-10” MHW with a 1’ UKC included.

Posted   07-23-2020 21:38  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Offshore Wind Energy Area survey activities (per Orsted):
Please see attached PDF for current survey activity in Skipjack Wind Farm and Ocean Wind Farm.
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Posted   07-23-2020 20:54  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Ben Franklin Bridge traveler work(per Skanska):
The center span movable maintenance platform on the Ben Franklin Bridge is scheduled to work EVERY WEEK, Monday though Saturday from 7:00am to 5:30pm until work platform construction is completed, in approximately late September.

Please be aware that the maintenance platform will move into the area of the shipping channel during these working hours. Platform operators will monitor radio channel 13. Please contact them if you need assistance and they will move the platform away from the channel.
All Work scheduled is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather and BFB operational needs.

Please note: The NOAA Air Gap Sensor will not but blocked


Posted   06-01-2020 16:38  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Tacony-Palmyra Bridge Advanced Notice Required(per BCBC): Two hour advance notice is now required for all openings of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, through August 9, 2020. Please see the attached document for more project details.

If VHF contact can not be established at the two hour point, call Tacony Palmyra Bridge Police Dispatch and ask to speak to the tower operator: 856-829-3002
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Posted   05-19-2020 23:20  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Monroe Energy, Trainer Dock Soundings (per Monroe):
Soundings were performed at the ship dock on Monday 05/18/20. Below is the change to the depth based on review of the sounding results.

Ship Dock: Current depth at the ship dock, referenced to the MLLW datum, is 39’00” FW (11.88 m). The terminal has a 1-foot minimum UKC requirement. The maximum allowable FW draft is 38’ 00” (11.58 m).

Barge Dock: Current depth at the barge dock, referenced to the MLLW datum , is 30’00” FW. The terminal has a 1-foot minimum UKC requirement. The maximum allowable FW draft is 29’ 00”.

Posted   04-29-2020 15:33  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Skipjack Wind Farm Construction Timeline(per Ørsted):
“As the federal permitting timeline evolves, Ørsted expects a delay in receiving its federal Notice of Intent for the Skipjack Wind Farm. As a result, Ørsted has determined that moving Skipjack Wind Farm`s anticipated completion date from late 2022 to the new target of the end of 2023 puts us in the strongest position possible to deliver a successful project. Ørsted remains firmly committed to working with our federal partners to complete Skipjack and provide clean, reliable offshore wind energy to 35,000 homes in the Delmarva region. We wish to thank our partners at the local, state, and federal level for their continued engagement. As public health safeguards are lifted in the Delmarva region, Ørsted looks forward to scheduling new opportunities for residents to learn about the immense economic and environmental benefits associated with the Skipjack Wind Farm and this new American industry.”

Terminology-NOI: A Notice of Intent is a communication issued by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) during the federal permitting process announcing its intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Construction and Operations Plan (COP) submitted by Skipjack Offshore Wind, LLC.

About Skipjack Wind Farm: The Skipjack Wind Farm is a 120 megawatt offshore wind project under development 19 miles off the Maryland-Delaware coast. The project will create approximately 1,400 full-time equivilent jobs and $200 million in economic investment in the region and generate enough renewable energy to power 35,000 homes. Learn more at

About Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind delivers clean, renewable energy along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. It operates the Block Island Wind Farm, America’s first offshore wind farm, and has been awarded over 2,900 megawatts of capacity through six projects. It is jointly headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island and employs more than 150 people. Learn more at

Posted   04-15-2020 20:55  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Deep draft vessel arrival/departure times (per Pilots` Association): Based on existing shoaling on New Castle and Deepwater Point Ranges and the progress towards completion of maintenance dredging of those shoaled areas, sailing times for deep-draft ships and arrival time limitations will be temporarily adjusted per the attached document. As this is a temporary change, the MAC Transit Advisories will not be modified at this time.
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Posted   03-17-2020 16:09  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Please find the attached document from Captain Kemmerley, Pilots` Association President, regarding requested protective measures on board vessels.
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Posted   03-02-2020 15:02  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Commodore Barry Bridge work (per DRPA): To facilitate painting, work will continue until 2022. Work platforms will be installed 3 feet beneath the bridge in various locations reducing the vertical clearance to 178 ft. above mean high water at the edge of the navigable channel (187 ft. center of channel). Phase 1 – NJ approach girder and deck truss spans has been completed. Phase 2 – PA approach girder and deck truss spans, has been completed. Phase 3 – Cantilever truss span, scheduled to commence in early 2020 and conclude in 2022. Mariners should exercise caution.

Posted   01-22-2020 19:19  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Skipjack Wind Farm Meteorological Buoy Deployment(per Ørsted): please see attached notice for Skipjack Wind Farm buoy deployment.
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Posted   12-09-2019 15:18  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Girard Point/ Point Breeze draft limitations (Per PES):
Attached please find the latest Draft Limits at Girard Point and Point Breeze.
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Posted   11-27-2019 15:12  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Burlington County Bridge Commission- Project Status (per BCBC):
Please see attached file for current status of work projects underway on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge and Tacony-Palmyra Bridge
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Posted   07-23-2019 14:15  
By   JASON   [The Pilot`s Assoc]
Obstructions in Upper Delaware River Main Channel (per USACE):

Please see attached chartlets indicating recently located potential obstructions in the Upper Delaware. The USACE is putting together a contract for removal in the near future.

Attached PDF contains Object_on_Beverly, Object_on_Newbold, Two_objects_Mud_Island, Two_objects_on _Devlin, Two _objects_on_Edgewater, Two_objects_on_Torresdale, Two_objects_Roebling-Kinkora
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Posted   03-01-2019 16:21  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Philaport has identified a section of the seawall that appears to be losing some fill material through a gap on southeast corner of Pier 80 south. We currently have Hudson Engineering looking into the situation and plan on having a dive team on site Saturday to conduct a more through investigation. In the meantime, Hudson Engineers has recommended not utilizing the south east corner for berthing operations until we can identify the problem. Like the situation recently at Pier 84 we would ask that you remain clear of the corner while docking and undocking vessels at Pier 80 south. Philaport will provide updates when appropriate.

Posted   12-03-2018 21:04  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Due to soundings for the Upper Delaware that were recently published by the the USACE, the MAC Transit Advisories will be amended to read as follows until further notice:

Upper Delaware River/Vessel Draft Inbound
1. Vessels less than 32`06" FW may transit on any stage of the tide or current.
3. Vessels 32`06" FW or greater up to 38`06" FW in draft should arrive in Philadelphia Harbor no later than 8 hours and 15 minutes, or earlier than 5 hours and 45 minutes from slack flood current at Cape Henlopen.
4. Vessels 32`06" FW or greater up to 38`06" FW in draft shall avoid meeting outbound shipping traffic above the Delair Railroad Bridge.