Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   04-30-2018 20:55    
MSIB 25-18

Burlington Bristol Bridge (SR 413) Deviation and Clearance Reduction

The Captain of the Port (COTP), Delaware Bay, is notifying mariners that maintenance work will be conducted on the Burlington Bristol Bridge (SR 413), over the Delaware River beginning May 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018.

During this time, a maintenance platform, suspended from the navigation span, will occupy the entire main navigational channel reducing the vertical clearance to approximately 58 feet above mean high water while closed, and 132 feet above mean high water while open.

• Work will be conducted 7 am through 7 pm Monday through Friday and 6 am through 6 pm Saturday and Sunday.

• During working hours the bridge will require notification 2 hours, via VHF-FM channel 13 or 16, prior to arrival in order to safely open. The bridge will operate normally outside of these working hours.

• The bridge will NOT be able to open for emergencies during working hours.

• Any vessel able to pass through the bridge in the closed position may do so at any time.

Mariners should adjust their transits accordingly and exercise extreme caution when transiting the area.

Questions regarding the contents of this bulletin or expectations of the Captain of the Port can be directed to (215) 271-4807 or (267) 515-7294.

Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay
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