Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   04-24-2018 20:33    

The Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay, is notifying mariners that the Coast Guard has issued a temporary deviation authorizing the DELAIR Memorial Railroad Bridge over the Delaware River, mile 104.6, in Delair, NJ, to be remotely operated from the Conrail South Jersey dispatch center in Mount Laurel, NJ, from 8 a.m. on April 19, 2018, to 7:59 a.m. on October 16, 2018.

The remote operation system of the bridge incorporates a dedicated telephone line (856) 231-2301 for bridge operations, a push-to-talk (PTT) opening signal of 5 clicks on VHF-FM channel 13, and an automated identification system (AIS) transmitter to provide real-time bridge status. AIS bridge status is provided via the name transmitted by the private aids to navigation as: DELAIR BRG-OPEN (fully open and locked position, channel light green), DELAIR BRG-CLOSED (other than fully open, not inoperative), or DELAIR BRG-INOP (other than fully open, inoperative). The AIS transmitter is assigned maritime mobile service identity (MMSI) number 993663001 and has been installed on the New Jersey side of the bridge at the bridge and land intersection in approximate position 39 degrees, 58 minutes, 50.52 seconds North (39.9807 N), 75 degrees, 03 minutes, 58.75 seconds West (-75.06632 W).

The Coast Guard is encouraging public participation and requesting comments concerning this temporary (test) deviation. Comments and related material must reach the Coast Guard on or before August 17, 2018. Please access the Federal eRulemaking Portal at to view docket number USCG-2016-0257 for additional details and to provide comments concerning this temporary (test) deviation.

Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay
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