Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   11-22-2017 15:36    
MSIB 42-17 Delaware Main Channel Deepening Anchorage No. 7 (Marcus Hook Anchorage) Update 2

The Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay, is notifying mariners of an update to the current restrictions in Anchorage No. 7, Marcus Hook Anchorage, hereinafter referred to as “the anchorage.”

• MSIB 37-17 updated the restrictions on the anchorage, due to temporary safety zones.

• MSIB 40-17 further restricted the use of the anchorage due to a temporary safety zone.

• These safety zones have been established in order to facilitate the Delaware River Main Channel Deepening Project as well as pipeline removal operations required for the aforementioned project.

In order to promote clarity the Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay, is issuing this bulletin summarizing the current safety zones which cause a restrictions on the anchorage.

• A pipeline has been placed across the anchorage from approximately 39° 48’ 03.81”N, 075° 24’ 24.80”W extending to 39° 48’ 41.65”N, 075° 24’ 01.44”W. This pipeline is marked with lighted buoys at 300’ intervals and vessels may not pass over the submerged pipeline. Please see MSIB 37-17 for more details regarding this submerged pipeline and other restrictions.

• A safety zone has been established within 250 yards of the towing vessel JOKER and crane barge KELLY. Currently, these vessels are conducting dive operations and pipeline removal operations within the southern portion of the anchorage. These operations, and the established safety zone, result in restrictions on the use of the southern portion of the anchorage as the safety zone encompasses this portion of the anchorage in its entirety. Please see page two of MSIB 40-17 for a chartlet showing working areas.

• The portion of the anchorage upriver from the pipeline may be utilized by small vessels of 700’ or less length overalloverall length, for a period of less than 12 hours, who that obtain permission from the Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay at least 24 hours in advance at (215) 271-4807. Permission will be granted on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Mariners are encouraged to check for updates to this bulletin on the Sector Delaware Bay Homeport website at prior to calling with a reservation request.

This MSIB further defines the requirements and information in Sector Delaware Bay MSIB 37-17 and MSIB 40-17.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this bulletin, please contact the Waterways Management Staff at (215) 271-4889/4814 or the Command Center at (215) 271-4807.

S. E. Anderson
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay

This release has been issued for public information and notification purposes only.
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