Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   10-28-2012 21:52    

[MSIB # 17-12]

October 28, 2012


The Captain of the Port is notifying Port partners that Hurricane Condition ZULU will be set throughout the port at 0600 on October 29, 2012 due to the potential for Hurricane SANDY to impact the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware tri-state area. This Marine Safety Information Bulletin is an update to MSIB #16-12, dated October 28, 2012.

The Captain of the Port Sector Delaware Bay is notifying mariners that projections indicate the Port of Philadelphia and surrounding areas will experience high winds, severe thunderstorms, and increased seas, surf and tidal surge. All members of the port community to include vessel owners and operators, vessel agents, pilots, and facility owners and operators are to take adequate precautions and to follow the Port Hurricane Contingency Plan, to include Section 406, dated May 17, 2011 and comply with the requirements of Section 1200, “Storm Preparation Checklists for Vessels and Facilities” and adhere to the following:

 Vessels must be securely moored and prepared for hurricane conditions.

 All liquid cargo transfer operations are to be suspended.

Once it has been determined that the hurricane and severe weather has passed, the Coast Guard will transfer into hurricane downgrade conditions and conduct port assessments in efforts to return the port to normal operations as quickly as possible. Additional restrictions may continue depending on the severity of the hurricane’s impact. The Coast Guard asks for a collaborative effort from port members in reporting any hazardous conditions or breakaway of vessels.

The Port Hurricane Contingency Plan can also be found on Homeport at Please refer to the Homeport website for additional information and checklists. If there are any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin or expectations of the Captain of the Port, please contact (215) 271-4807.
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